Burger Buddy is easy to use, environmentally friendly, hygienic and easy to clean product that is made from food and dishwasher safe material. It tightly holds the burger and its contents together, allowing you to use it in comfort, even with one hand.

Royal Yellow

  • Burger Buddy does more than just hold your burger together.  


     - Its hygienic, only bare minimal contact is needed to enjoy a mess free burger, preventing the spreading of germs.


    - Burger Buddy saves you and restaurants from using excessive napkins, which saves you money and saves the planet!


    - It’s made from food and dishwasher safe material.


    - Reusable (can be recycled if for some reason you want to get rid of it).


    - It expands for additional patty and extra filling.


    - Easy use for people with disabilities, such as Parkinsons, Arthritis or any type of ailment that may keep them from holding food steady.


    - For the first time in history you can get your burger served on its side! Say good bye to that troublesome cocktail stick and it rocks side to side when it’s served!