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  • What makes Burger Buddy so special?
    Burger Buddy is an environmentally friendly and easy to use product that lets you enjoy juicy burgers without worrying about the mess. It even expands for extra patties and more fillings, the elastic gusset of Burger Buddy firmly holds together the burger and its content. Burger Buddy stops germs from spreading by minimising hands-on contact with the food, preventing germs from spreading. The last third of the food item can simply be pushed out from the bottom. It is made from food and dishwasher safe material. Other food items such as Bagels, Doughnuts, English muffins, and many more, also makes a perfect companion for Burger Buddy. Burger Buddy is not just a product, but the first step to a cleaner you and a cleaner environment.
  • Is Burger Buddy reusable?
    Absolutely! Burger Buddy is made from food and dishwasher safe material.
  • How do you eat the last third of the burger?
    Burger Buddy was designed and engineered to make every bite easier and mess free. To eat the last third of the burger, simply push beneath the Burger Buddy with your finger or pinch the bottom of both surface to raise it up.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we ship worldwide.
  • How much is shipping?
    We have many shipping services with affordable options.
  • What is the Return & Refund policy?
    If your Burger Buddy is defective, and you wish to return it for this reason, please email our customer service team at and and we'll be happy to help you out.
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