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Burgers & Blockbusters: Family Movie Nights Reimagined

Family movie nights are about much more than popcorn and belly laughs. They are a relaxing, fun way to spend quality time together. With a little thoughtful planning, you can transform your occasional movie nights into a family tradition.

We have come up with a list of five movie night ideas your family will love.

1. Bring in the burgers!

Hamburgers are always a hit. They are incredibly versatile and don’t need hours of prep work. Plan to rustle up some of your family’s all-time favourite recipes or use some interesting new ingredients to add a touch of movie-night glamour!

The only downside to serving burgers is that they can be messy. Thanks to Burger Buddy, you can say goodbye to mustard splotches on your couch. Burger Buddy’s clever mess-free design will keep your burger intact as you eat. You will wonder how you ever managed without it! Burger Buddy - the original burger holder, is eco-friendly and comes in fun colours that your family will love.

2. Pick a movie in advance

Avoid the frustration of having to scroll (and scroll) through your favorite screening channel. Save a playlist of go-to movie choices that will appeal to your whole family. Choosing a movie in advance will save you time and frustration.

To avoid disagreements about which movie to watch, why not write the titles of your top picks on strips of paper, then fold and pop them into a jar? Give the jar a good shake, and nominate someone to do the honours!

3. Set the scene

Create a comfy, relaxed atmosphere in your TV room by using floor cushions, bean bags, throws and blankets.

4. Play dress-up

Dressing up for movie night needn’t be as extreme as for a costume party. Ask your kids to help you come up with cool themes. This is a lovely way for members of your family to express themselves by letting their creativity and individuality shine through. When you have young children in the home, they will love it if you help them to dress up as their favourite animation character.

5. No extra screens

You don’t have to be a parent of teens to understand the multi-screen dilemma. It has become the norm to stream on your TV, with your laptop on the couch next to you and your phone in your hand. To prevent distractions and keep your family engaged in the movie night experience, you may consider implementing a “no extra screens” rule.

There is one exception! Capture a special moment and mention or tag us on Instagram @burgerbuddy_

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