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Newfound Fear As Lockdown Eases

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we do things and introduced new coping methods. Fears abound about how we can contact people and even the food that we eat- most people are now extra conscious of what they touch, how their meals are prepared, and how they are eaten to avoid the spread of germs.

Burger eating isn't exactly the cleanest exercise that anybody can go through. You want a treat for surviving the long months of lockdown, so; you decide to get your favorite burger. Now, picture the drippings from the burger; imagine the back and forth between eating and constantly picking up a napkin to wipe the stain off your shirt or mouth.

You should also imagine some of the burger fillings dropping off, and you have to use your hands or napkin to pick them up again. Can you now begin to analyse the number of germs that would have been transmitted just because you would like to have your favorite food?

Burger Buddy would be the solution to all of the scenarios mentioned above- it allows you to have your meal while minimising hands-on contact with the food and helping you maintain proper hygiene.

What is the Burger Buddy?

This is an ecofriendly, firm, and easy-to-use solution for burgers, doughnuts, or packed bagels eaters. This carefully designed product is sleek, light and its elastic gussets are just what you need to enjoy your burger without the risk of contaminating the meal or transmitting germs.

Burger Buddy understands the need to keep oneself safe, especially with the lockdown being eased out and people becoming careful about germs and their transmission.

With your burger, doughnut, and packed bagels, there will be a lot of contact and cleaning, but Burger Buddy seeks to eliminate this and keep you safe by holding your meal steady in place without you having to touch it directly.

How safe is Burger Buddy?

One of the inspirations for Burger Buddy is how people would act after the pandemic, the idea of meeting people or having meals in public places. Burger Buddy is one of the safest solutions you can explore right now if you are worried about unnecessary contact with your food.

Burger Buddy is made from environmentally friendly materials that will pose no harm to you. The product is reusable, which means that you can easily clean it up after enjoying your safe burger experience.

The Burger Buddy was designed to be suitable for all age groups with consideration for the elderly, the young, and those with disabilities. By holding the food steady, these groups that might be at a higher risk of infections would successfully minimise hands-on contact with the food and reduce the spread.

Find out more about the Burger Buddy here.

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